We offer 3 distinct services aimed at facilitating optimal functioning for individuals, teams and leaders.

Optimal coaching

There are 2 strands to optimal coaching. Our coaches help clients (external solution) to help themselves (internal solution).

External Solution – Our coaches help clients to:

  • Define measurable goal(s)
  • Discover what is already working
  • Visualise a better future
  • Design positive interventions
  • Monitor and evaluate outcomes

Internal solution – Clients:

  • Identify need(s)
  • Engage in exploration of identified need(s)
  • Use more positive emotions, interests, strengths, talents, positive cognitions, challenges, positive behaviours
  • Self-monitor and self-evaluate outcomes
Our coaches helps clients:

  • To momentarily step outside themselves and begin to analyse negative and positive emotions from a more objective perspective.
  • To understand how their emotions change.
  • To find out what causes their emotions to change.
  • To find out what impact their emotions have on their life.
  • Our coaches help clients to use a greater proportion of their positive emotions to negative emotions so that they feel more engaged and energized, and are more flexible and creative.
  • Our coaches motivate, empower and support clients throughout the process of optimal coaching.
  • Optimal coaching is a powerful process of change that mobilises strengths, interests, positive emotions and challenges of clients to help them become their best in any or all areas of life.
  • You can contact our coaches who can communicate to you directly in Hungarian, English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Team Booster Package

This comprehensive package aims to increase your team’s levels of engagement, motivation, performance and well-being includes:

  • Full strengths assessment for all team members.
  • Report describing your team’s utilised strengths, under-utilised strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalised team developmental action plan that includes strategies to boost your team’s under-utilised strengths and manage both challenges and risks facing the team.
  • Ideal for teams of all sizes and for teams located across multiple sites.

Optimal Leadership Master Class

This Master Class on Optimal Leadership is ideal for leaders, line-managers and decision-makers. The Master Class will be designed to meet your business needs and will cover:

  • Key dimensions of Outstanding Leadership
  • Process of visioning to support your changing business needs
  • Application of your strengths and values to bring about the changes
  • Opportunities to create flow states
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry as the way forward
  • Enhancing your positive emotions and resilience
  • Ways to create the best mind set
  • Approaches to enhance motivation and well-being in others
  • Ways to develop lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Integration of the above into key practices at the workplace.