We collect regular feedback to ensure that a high quality standard of service is delivered to each client.

“I really enjoyed the Positivity workshop I was fortunate to attend before going back to the States. I always considered myself a positive person, and your workshop made me realize there is always space for improvement. I still have miles to go before I can apply what I have learned to my everyday life, to have that balance, and believe you would be the perfect guide.”

Katia Bokor on the First Positivity Workshop at Brody House

“Coaching has given me a safe environment for me to discuss various leadership situations I am facing in the workplace and to receive advices and alternatives in addressing them. I have more of an appreciation and awareness of things going on around me – both work and personally. Previously, I have just acted in things without much reflection either during or afterwards – now, as I am experiencing things, I think about them in a deeper context.”

Susan Lumpkin, Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers Ltd, Budapest Office

“I enjoy our coaching sessions. I have a need to feel grounded as my work is intense and I can question what I am doing. I appreciate the direction gained from the conversations.”

Peter Grundberg, Director, Brody House

“The coaching exercises have made me feel more balanced and I felt my body and soul as one.”

Zora Bittner, ING Sales Consultant

“Coaching has given a me a new dimension to my life. Now I can recognise and understand all the positive emotions that I am feeling. It's easy to identify negative emotions but I haven't always stopped to reflect about positive emotions. The coaching process has given me more confidence and self belief.”

Natalie Zhukova, at Mars International

“Coaching definitely helped me a lot Paul. It did make me feel better when we were together. Most of my life, I think, I used to run away from problems and then you came and made me face them. I do feel better than a year ago, definitely. I have changed a lot but still need to work on it to find greater balance in my life.”

Tünde Nagy, Gap Retail Store

“I am grateful for the support given during the coaching process and has helped me during challenging times. The feedback received has been helpful, sensitive and realistic.”

Zsolt Kender, Consultant MPK Zrt.

“Optimal coaching makes me believe in the purpose of life again and gives me energy to survive the issues that come along the way. I felt I could be open, and the advice I was getting was really making sense to me, and energising me. I really think that the questions were the best, as they made me think.”

Ivana Husman at Palmolive-Colgate

“Thank you very much Dori, you have maximised the impact of my website.”

In relation to website development, Kata Komlosi –

“Coaching has identified new strengths of mine and using these strengths have pulled me out from my everyday routine which kept me between four walls.”

Melitta Torvund, Director of Milander, Online Retail Industry

“I am thankful for your help and support. The CV is authentic to me. I am very satisfied. Just carry on like this.”

In relation to CV optimisation, Brigitta Gyimesi

“I now understand how my emotions have impacted on my decisions in my life and others around me and I can see things from a different angle.”

Magdi Szinovszki in the field of Media

“I enjoyed the fact it was a very interactive lecture and you told us more than just facts. Instead you focused on real case studies and how these relate to positive psychology. The information you gave was very straight and simple to understand which made it easier for us to relate to.”

Mariam Badawi, Final Year BA (Hons) Psychology Student at Eötvös Loránd, University

“Coaching has taken me from being bored, frustrated, stuck to feeling real and alive again. I have a spring in my step and found new meaning in my life.”

Eliza Barone at British Airways

“Thank you Dori. It became very nice. I think it is super. It is completely different than mine.”

In relation to CV optimisation, Melinda Matetits