Talenti in Ungheria


Singer, song writer

We are proud to introduce Yasya, a talented singer and song writer that we saw performing live in Budapest. Yasya's makes these comments about her interests.

“When I was young my mother asked whether I wanted to draw or sing or dance? My instant reply that I wanted to dance and sing. All I ever wanted to do was perform. I would walk the streets aimlessly singing and I desired to buy a guitar. My first recollection of my work was a poem about love and being in love. I recall crafting the words, ‘the wind is blowing and I will love just for a second because it is difficult to love for long if it is not reciprocated’. My Hungarian grandmother taught me to place my delicate fingers in a patient way on the keys of the piano. I remember playing the music of the great Liszt Ferenc and I loved the feeling of composing. I entered a new world, a world with more space and I felt one with myself. I followed my senses and felt totally relaxed. At the age of 19 I bought a guitar and I started to enter a 'new world' more frequently.”

Enjoy Yasya's talent!

János Bogdán


bjamigo [at] gmail.com

We are proud to introduce the work of an up and coming, talented artist, János Bogdán, who created our visuals for this website. We commissioned János to produce some paintings to illustrate a range of emotions, one negative emotion and ten positive emotions. János' makes these comments about his creative processes and inspirations.

“Creativity became more and more important for me during my university years as a tool for finding my identity and processing my experiences. I recognised, that through creativity one can reach other dimensions of thinking where things become more easy to understand. It is like having a conversation with someone who can give answers and unfold life. I could say that I was looking for this someone in my whole life. Sometimes I argued and sometimes I provoked – but I always wanted to communicate. It is like writing a diary. It seems that my whole artistic work is a diary that preserves the imprints of these conversations. I see my artistic works as process of thinking that happens through the mechanism of writing and drawing. Sometimes this process is helped by writing, at other times by drawing. The two territories create interaction: writing creates images and images inspire my writing. The summaries of these processes form my exhibitions and books.”

Enjoy János’s talent!

Kinga Lakner

Photo artist

kinga.lakner [at] gmail.com

Also we have spotted a talented and creative photographer and we are delighted to present Kinga Lakner’s profile and photographs.

“My interest in the creative fields started when I was very young. My father would take photographs of our family playing and there was a strong sense of togetherness. These are some of my first memories.

Through my teaching experiences, I noticed how my curiosity led me to ask children open questions to bring out the best in them and giving them more of a holistic learning experience. Whilst living in England, I met many people from diverse backgrounds such as Indonesia, Mexico, Czech-Republic, China and Japan. The Japanese culture appealed to me the most as it seemed so visual and full of beauty and richness.

I loved working as a designer for Graphisoft in Budapest. I spent five years designing furniture from real wood, designing new corporate identities to being at the fore front of commercial projects.

I am at my best when I am playful, carefree, being spontaneous as well as making individuals feel at ease and good about themselves. I love uncovering beauty in people and discovering themselves inside. I have taken fashion photographs in magazines like Elle and so I am at my best when making individuals feel transformed and radiant.”

Enjoy Kinga’s talent!